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Library-3---Revenge-is-Forever_Smashwords (407x640)Today, I’m very happy to have Thianna D visiting my blog. Not only do we have a teaser and some blurb from her latest book, Library Tales: Take 3 – Revenge is Forever, but Thianna has very kindly answered all my nosy questions, including what she thinks makes good erotica, what she’s up to next and which movie stars she’d cast in the film of her book. There’s also some excellent advice to writers. So without further ado, lets get started with the info on Library Tales Take 3:




Darker than the other Library Tales, Revenge is Forever also does not contain BDSM. Instead, this tale takes place in a castle in the Scottish Highlands where Camilia finds out her guardian, the man who has been spanking her ass in his private library for four years for perceived transgressions, is in fact a vampire.

Join Camilia as she fights against the irresistible draw to the vampire who controls her every move. When she thinks she has won, she finds out she has lost everything. How long can revenge last when she now has to obey more than him?


As the world began to turn sideways, he latched onto her throat and thankfully, everything went black.

After that her days became monotonous. Elixir six times, steak three times, fucked into oblivion at least once. Over and over, day after day, until she had no idea how long she had been there or even who she was most of the time. And yet, even as her weakness and her desire for him increased, so did the desire to remember who she had been. Because of that one need, she was able to deny him the one thing he insisted on from his vessels and had never been denied before.

Her complete surrender.

Oh boy… *fans self*, now if you want buying links (and after that, who doesn’t? ;)), here they are:


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So now, onto the interview. How did you get started writing in general and with the erotica in particular? Did you start writing M/f erotica first or M/M?

Well, I have been writing all my life. Even before I could write, I made up stories in my head constantly of strange creatures from other planets. The moment I began to write, I started jotting them down. As for erotica… Shhh Don’t tell, I read my first ‘dirty story’ when I was 8 or 9, it was in a large encyclopedia of the world book. Was rather hooked. Read my second when I was 15… But I didn’t even try to write my own erotica until 3.5 years ago.

How did I start writing erotica? With fanfiction actually. I happen to love the Twilight series… well at least the 1st & 3rd books, anyway. My first Twilight Fanfic was a Carlisle/Jasper pairing called In Reality. I had never read an m/m story before, but for some reason as I was writing it, Jasper and Carlisle came together. The day someone told me I should have tagged my story as a ‘slashfic’ was the day I found out what ‘slash’ meant – a gay fanfic story.

I have written both m/m and m/f and I just wrote my first f/f, but I have an affinity with m/m erotic romance. There is something about an m/m relationship that is amazing to flesh out… not to mention the sex scenes which make me drool.

Do you find it difficult to swap between one type of story and another?

Not usually. The only times I have a problem are when the characters from one storyline will not shut up. Usually, I go back and forth between my different stories because I hit a block, but sometimes it is because a new storyline hits me and I want to get it down. Unfortunately, sometimes the characters from the other story won’t shut up and as I am writing I realize my new character sounds an awful lot like the old one and I have to scrap and re-write.

Characters can be quite pushy when they want their voice heard. In fact, I had a character once who was so pushy, he ended up with his own story because he would not shut the hell up. I think he was rather proud of that fact.

I write both erotica and non-erotica and there are definite times I am more in the mood for one or the other. I stay away from writing young adult fiction when I am in an erotic mood obviously. *Grins*

What do you think makes good erotica?

Good erotica. That, of course, differs from person to person, but in my opinion, good erotica contains the following elements:

It is well written.

It is well edited.

It has a great set of characters in it, at least one whom you can identify with in some way.

It has a storyline + sex. (If it is just sex, to me that pushes it out of the erotica field.)

It captures the reader and makes them hard/wet – yes, the sex scenes have to be arousing.

You must be able to write the terms pussy, cock, cunt, ass, clit… If you call a woman’s vagina her womanly opening? Try again.

What advice would you give to someone who isn’t actually interested in BDSM themselves but wants to write about it?

Does it sound cruel to say Don’t do it?

I hate reading BDSM scenes written by someone who has never experienced them – they are lukewarm at best. That doesn’t mean you have to experience everything you write, but you should at the very least go to a club, watch some scenes, talk to people who play, find out what it really feels like to have a crop snap across your clit or to feel the pain of nipple clamps squeezing your nipples.

You should observe a flogging and find out all the different ways a flogger can fall, how it feels, where to hit and where NOT to hit. Yes, there are places on the body you should NEVER hit with an impact instrument.

Go to an adult store and touch the merchandise. What? Too embarrassed to go to an adult store? *sigh* Go to your local tack store (you know with animal food/horse gear) and check out their crops. Go into your kitchen, grab a spoon and smack it across your ass.

Start looking at items as more than what they are – instead look at them as your dom/me character might look… as something new and fun to torture his/her sub/bottom with. Even as a sub, I tend to see items that way… it does make shopping fun.

Lastly – LEARN THE TERMS! What do I mean by that? What’s a Dom? A Domme? A sub? A slave? A switch? A Top? A bottom? A dominant bottom? A submissive top? B&D? D/s? S&M? Flogger? Single-tail? Cane? Slapper? And no, don’t trust everything you read online. Find someone who ACTUALLY KNOWS. Like someone in a local club, maybe?

The fact is, a writer writes best that which they know. If BDSM does not interest you, if it doesn’t get you going, find something that does. You will write a better story if it gets you off. So find something that does. There is plenty of good erotica without BDSM in it. Find it, devour it. Write your own.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Good question. The ether? When I start an erotic story, I rarely have any idea what it is going to be about, except maybe a vague notion if it is going to be part of my Library Tales or one of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles. Until I put pen to paper the words flow through me onto said paper, I do not know what will appear. By the third or fourth paragraph, the story begins to evolve in my head.

Strangely enough, I always know where I am going with my non-erotica from the moment I decide to write the story.

Do you have a writing routine?

Not really. I do know that I write best with pen and paper, but most of the pens nowadays make my fingers hurt, so I am learning to write on the keyboard. It is difficult though. My writing muse seems rather attached to the pen.

Do you have any advice for new writers?

Yes. Write, Write, Write! Get it out there, let others read it. Write more. When you get a bad review, write even more! With each story, each new idea, each time you begin again, your flow will find itself. It may take a while, but at some point, the stories that speak to the writer within will begin to come out. When that happens, it feels a bit like home and you know you found your genre.

There is something to be said for attending writing classes. I think they are a good idea – to a point. I think ideas are good and objectively looking at one’s writing for problems is definitely a great idea. Unfortunately, some teachers try to change the way a person writes and that is WRONG in my opinion (unless it is things like grammar – seriously, learn good grammar). Learn, take the ideas you can use, but keep at your center the writer you are. Write how you want to write.

And, by the way, never let ANYONE tell you that you are not writer. The only one who can tell you that is you, and why would you do that? If the desire to write is within; nurture it, feed it, find a way to light that fire and let it free.

In your latest book, Library Tales Take 3, if you could have any actors you liked for the film, who would play Camilia, and who would play Blayton and why?

That is a difficult question as I admit I am not really up on some of the newer actors out there. The pairing that automatically pops into my head are Kirsten Dunst and Jackson Rathbone. Kirsten is an amazing actress who can play an amazing cross-section of roles. Plus, her face fits Camilia. As for Jackson, have you seen his movie Girlfriend? Between his natural sense of humor and the fact he can play one mean son of a bitch, I think he would make a great Blayton.

What’s next for you after Library Tales 3?

I am in the midst of so many stories.  I am currently querying my first full-length (77k word) paranormal BDSM erotic romance. Library Tale 4 is in pre-query edit mode. It has such a unique premise that also gave rise to Library Tale 5 that I have decided to try and get it published through a publisher (plus it is almost 40k words).

I am working on finishing the Blake/Dusty Chronicles. One more Blake story and one more Dusty story and then I will re-edit and work it into print.

I also have a gay erotic romance that will more than likely be a full-length novel by the time I’m finished. Originally I started it as a tiny Christmas story, but the interplay between two such different main characters just grabbed me and it quickly morphed into so much more.

On the non-erotic side I have several things going as well. I guess you could say I am always writing or reading.

Writing is my passion. It always has been. Finally I am living the life I always wanted and writing full-time. This is called living the dream 🙂

Thanks so much to Thianna for taking the time to visit my blog and chat today :).

Thianna’s Bio:

Thianna D has written her entire life, but it wasn’t until she started writing erotica that she truly found her passion. She writes both het and gay erotica (m/f & m/m), many with BDSM themes. She is also hosting the Erotic Holiday Countdown on her blog Dec 1-31, 2012, 31 days of free erotica by 8 different authors, including herself. Added to all the free erotica you can read, one lucky reader will win their very own original erotic story. Currently, she has a gay bdsm erotic series The Blake/Dusty Chronicles, of which 8 of the 10 are published. There are 3 Library Tales with more on the way, and one paranormal erotica called Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale.

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