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Dominic Rule isn’t just a top-class pâtissier, he’s also the majority-owner of a thriving BDSM club, where he indulges his passion for control. Always playing in the shadows, Dominic keeps this side of himself hidden from the rest of the world.

When he meets Nina, a shy librarian with a submissive side she hasn’t explored yet, Dominic can’t help but be intrigued. But Nina is in trouble. Someone is stalking and threatening her, and the police don’t seem to believe her.

As the attacker turns their attention to Dominic and tensions rise, their passion for each other becomes irresistible. But can they hold onto each other and fight for their relationship while battling a dangerous man who just won’t stop?

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What can you expect from my books?

When I’m writing, I try to include a lot of humour, with realistic characters who aren’t perfect, and scenes where things sometimes go wrong. D/s is often portrayed as terribly serious, with constantly subby subs, and frowning Doms who never crack a smile or make a mistake. That hasn’t been my experience at all, and I like to bring some of that fun and laughter into my books, as well as some really hot kink!

To those who are familiar with Dominance and Sumission Ms. Honeywell's book will be a feast of recognition. Ms. Honeywell writes delightfully raw, straight and utterly believable from a submissive point of view.

Liv's Bio

I’m a BDSM erotic romance writer and, when not writing about deliciously sexy male dominants and the women who love them, I’m usually doing something craft-like, reading, or baking and trying to decide which of my many other book ideas to work on next!

I also write Sci-fi BDSM erotic romance as Livia Darke, and you can find out more on my other website:

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Liv "gets it right" here with a passionate, colorful and salivating taste of the shades that lie well beyond grey. Quick pace, rich characters and no-holds-barred fun.

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