About me

The Journal Cover

I write BDSM erotica about gorgeous, intense male dominants and the female submissives they love. Check out my books page for info on Coming, Ready or Not! Three Tales of Tease and Denial, The Journal, and the newly released Coming Together: In Verse with my first published poem, Burlesque. I’m a sucker for a happy ending so you know there’ll always be one of those 🙂

If you want to get in touch, I’m on TwitterPinterest, Goodreads and Facebook and my Amazon page is here.

Long Bio:

Life is so much fun and there are many more things to be experienced before I shuffle off this mortal coil (actually, knowing me, there’ll be no shuffling – I shall most probably do the conga or something equally embarrassing). So far, I’ve been a kitchen porter – that’s a glorified title for ‘doing the washing up’, done a really bad job as a chef and a really good one as a wedding cake decorator; I’ve had various clerical jobs, and been in rehab (no, not that kind of rehab) as a hospital administrator, I’ve run my own business, done yet more admin, and the crowning glory of my career so far has been a stint working in a sperm bank which was both hilarious and incredibly moving [yes, I’m sure there is a book in that ;)].

But through every boring, ‘work-to-pay-the-rent’ job I’ve ever had, I’ve always been creative in one way or another, and I’ve always written.

Life in Glorious Technicolor

So – why Glorious Technicolor? What does that mean to me?

Coming, Ready or Not CoverThere are two things going on there… In my vanilla life, I live with passion. I absolutely can’t see the point in living without it. I don’t understand people who do things but don’t put their best effort into it. I throw myself into what ever I am doing whole-heartedly, because I think that’s how I will get the most out of it. Life is so for living, and I intend to really live every last second of it.

Then it comes to BDSM.

Before I found the BDSM lifestyle, I really thought I was living as much as it was possible to do so. If you like, I’d found the switch to turn the colour on, to get away from the bland, black & white state that some people live their lives in, going sleepily to an unfulfilling day job, with absolutely no urge to get up and wake up and create something better and more satisfying. I really was happy. I was always creative, I thought about, and actually did, start my own business. So what else could there be? What was missing? Because something was. Something that had nagged at me all my life in the back of my mind, popping up from my subconscious in the form of the most erotic dreams, turning me on and making me blush when I watched a film with images of someone tied up in it. I even remember being small and watching Penelope Pitstop cartoons and wishing the Anthill Mob would just go away and leave her in peril – though I had no idea why.Coming Together-In Verse Cover

And then I found out why – what all these thoughts were that, at the time, I was too embarrassed to admit, even to myself. A lovely man, who I will never forget, asked me straight out what I fantasised about. And he wouldn’t leave me alone until I told him. It took me a long time to answer but once I did and we tried it I knew I could never go back. There were more sensations to be experienced than I’d even dreamed about, things were so much more intense, deeper than I could ever have thought. If life was in colour before, this truly was Glorious Technicolor.