Blissemas Snogs in the Snow

Blissemas 2017 Snogs in the Snow graphic with baubles in the snow, and Santa and Mrs Claus kissingIt’s the final day of Blissemas 2017 and it’s time for Snogs in the Snow.

Here’s another excerpt from Christmas is Coming, my story in the Seasonal Shenanigans anthology, with a kiss or two on Christmas Eve:

He held her wrists above her head with one hand and gently kissed his way down her neck. He paused to pinch her nipples into peaks, twisting and pulling each one, and squeezing it tightly between his fingers. As he listened to Abby’s gasps of pain/pleasure and her ragged breathing, he knew she was close to orgasm.
Releasing her hands, he trailed kisses all down her stomach, stopping just short of kissing the freshly shaved skin of her pussy.
She squirmed desperately. “Oh, Sir. Please.”
Will grinned. He blew lightly on the skin between her legs, laughing as she groaned in frustration.
“Oh no. Not until I say so. Who does this body belong to, Abby?”
“You, Sir. Only you.”
“That’s right. And I’m sure you remember it’s up to me when, or indeed if, you come.”
“Yes, Sir.”
He blew on her pussy again and stroked one finger gently over the skin of her labia, knowing full well that wasn’t enough to allow her release.
“And do you think I’m going to allow you to come tonight?”
“I — Oh, Sir. I don’t know.” It was almost a wail.
Will grinned. “Getting desperate, my little sub?”
“Yes. Oh yes. Please, Master.”
He hooked her legs over his shoulders and licked her labia from bottom to top. Just once.
“Well, you’re in luck, sweetheart. I’m feeling generous today. So, you will get to come. But you’ll wait until I’m inside you. Okay?”
“Yes, Sir.” Abby squirmed again, and he could see how wet she was, and feel how her body trembled with the strain of trying to hold back.
He parted her labia, then sucked her clit quickly into his mouth, sucking hard; flicking his tongue over the hard little nub.
Abby screamed out loud at the intensity of the sensation. He bit down gently, then licked her up and down until she was right on the edge and begging him for release.
“Do you want me inside you, my gorgeous little sub?”
“Yes, Master. Oh, please!”
“Tell me. Tell me what you want.”
“Oh please, Sir. I want… I need you inside me. I want you to… to…”
“Yes, Abby? Tell me. I’m not going to do anything until you tell me what you want.” Will smiled to himself, knowing how much it made her squirm to have to say it.
Abby blushed. “Oh, Sir. I want… want you to fuck me so hard. Until I come. I really want to come.”
He squeezed her nipples hard, making her wait just that little bit longer, knowing the pain turned her on even more.
“And you shall, sweetheart. You shall.”
Lifting himself above her, he parted her folds with his rigid cock. He slid inside her, letting out a groan himself at how wet she was, and how tight.
He thrust into her hard, and she gasped, holding onto his shoulders and pulling him closer. Her hips rose up to meet him, joining in perfect rhythm as he thrust into her, over and over.
Will held her wrists above her head with one hand again, holding her still while he stroked her clit, feeling her pussy clench around his cock as both of them drew closer to the point of no return.
“Come for me, Abby. Come for me now.” He drove into her harder and harder, pinching and teasing her clit, feeling his own orgasm build to a peak. Until Abby cried out and her whole body shook, her pussy clenching around his cock as he came, too.
Will looked at Abby’s face in the low light of the room, smiling tenderly at her as she opened her eyes, her breathing returning to normal. He stroked a curl of hair from her face and kissed her thoroughly.
“Well, sweetheart, how are you feeling now?”
Abby smiled sleepily. “So good. That was amazing.”
“Yes it was.” He kissed her forehead. “Sleep for a bit, if you want to.”
He dropped onto the sofa next to her and drew her into his arms, pulling her dressing gown down from the back of the sofa to cover them both.


3D copy of Seasonal Shenanigans book coverHere’s the blurb for Christmas is Coming:

It’s almost Christmas, and Abby decides to decorate the tree, despite Will, her Dom, telling her to wait. But when she drops his toolbox and all the parts scatter like confetti, she’s left wondering if she’ll be able to sit down by *next* Christmas.

What will happen when Will gets home?


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