Happy Halloween! And here’s a taster from my WIP…

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave, you’ll know it’s Halloween tonight so I thought I’d share a small preview from one of my WIPs. Here’s an excerpt from ‘The Undomesticated Subby’, a D/s romantic comedy:



Blog Update 31st October

Mud Enough to Eat!

I’m on holiday this week, so for once I thought I’d actually cook something rather than microwaving yet another plastic meal. I can cook, usually it even tastes good, but I get bored doing it just for me.

So off I went, finally found the kitchen (so *that’s* where it is), dusted off the cobwebs and decided to make a really easy tomato sauce and some pasta.

I chopped, I fried, I stirred – not quite ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ but it would do for now. I added some red wine, drank some too. Garlic, onions, pancetta. More wine. Tomatoes (obviously), herbs, balsamic vinegar. May just have had, I mean *added* more wine too.

The pan simmered away on the stove and the kitchen smelled amazing. Finally after about 10 minutes I had a finished sauce. I lifted the lid, looked at it. Looked at it some more. Hmmm.

It looked like… well…

Anyone ever seen Elvira, Mistress of the Dark? Remember that… I’ll call it a ‘stew’ that she made for the neighbours? Yep, that’s what my sauce looked like.

So where was my beautiful red tomatoey colour? How come Housemate’s friend had made it and it came out resembling something you might want to eat, rather than looking like a mud pie on a plate?

Erm, you see, if you put red wine in a pan with balsamic vinegar, it goes a pretty weird brown colour. On the other hand if you follow the recipe, which said WHITE wine… er… ahem.

We-ell on the bright side, it tasted rather good and it is Halloween after all. Sooo should anyone want Elvira’s version of pasta sauce for their party, see below:

Heat 1 dessertspoon olive oil in a non stick pan. Fry off about 100g pancetta until cooked. Remove pancetta from pan.

Chop half an onion or 3 spring onions into the remaining olive oil in the pan.

Crush in 2 – 3 cloves garlic depending on taste. Fry until onions are soft.

Chop 8 tomatoes into quarters and add to pan. Add a tsp or two of mixed herbs, a couple of dashes of balsamic vinegar, the cooked pancetta, a glass of red wine, (white or rose if you’d rather not have that Elvira look) and simmer on a low heat for about 10 minutes until the tomatoes are soft and cooked through.



The Undomesticated Subby