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Hello, welcome and other things…

Start Flow ChartI did quite a lot of thinking about what I’d like to say in my first post on my shiny new website, and it seemed a good idea to talk a little about the kind of writing I do and what this website will include.

I write BDSM erotica, definitely adults only. Stories of male dominants and female submissives; the passion, the care and thought that goes into a relationship; the play and the fun and the sheer joy of it. Because this really should be fun. It can be serious and very intense but there’s also an awful lot of laughing and some of my stories do reflect that 🙂

So that’s a little about me, but what can this site do for you? Well I’m a big supporter of indie writers so I’m hoping to have author interviews, reviews, self-publishing and social media resources and anything else I think might help. There will also be cake, just because 🙂


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