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Let’s be honest with each other. The real reason that we all love reading erotic romance is for the steamy passion, and the sexy men. We want to feel that little tickle in our belly when the Hero and the Heroine meet for the first time, and we can’t resist sighing at the moment they share their first passionate kiss. In fact, my absolute favorite part of romance novels is the anticipation that builds between the first meeting and the first time they have sex. It’s the excitement of the unknown, and that flutter of butterflies in my chest as I imagine the characters battling their own desires for self-control.

There are actually two first meetings in my newest release, Dreams of the Wolf, and both of them are shockers for the heroine, KJ. That’s right, this female werewolf has TWO mates, and both are strangers to her. First, take a peek at the moment when KJ meets Thomas-her human mate…

She was standing next to the stairs, with just a pair of blue jeans snuggly covering her lush ass. Petite perfection, her body was curved in all the right places, and he clenched his fists at the urge to hold it against his own. The skin of her naked back looked softer than a rose petal, and he felt a twinge of regret as she tugged a shirt over her head, and turned around.

Her eyes were closed, and her face grew very pale, turning a scary gray color. Hurrying across the room, he gripped her shoulders, worry snaking through his belly. “Are you all right, little one?”

Thomas JamesonHe inhaled sharply as her eyes popped open, staring up into his face with white hot lust in them. Her lips were parted slightly, and her tongue darted out to wet them, making him rock hard in a second. Pulling his hands away from her to keep from pushing her up against the wall and ravishing her, he cleared his throat, and pushed his hands into his pockets. “Are you all right? You looked like you were going to pass out.”

Her soft growl had him stepping backward, but she seemed to sway with his movement, and he caught her up against him, refusing to let her fall. Fear overrode his desire as he imagined all sorts of health problems that would cause her to faint. “It’s okay KJ, I’ve got you. Come on. Let’s get you laid down for a minute. When did you eat last? Are you ill?”

She let him lead her to the couch, where he sat her down, and then crouched in front of her. He had to adjust his position to keep from cutting the circulation off to his cock, as his body reacted to her closeness. He ran his hand down her arm to take her pulse, jumping a little when she jerked it from his grip violently and pushed him away from her.

“Stop! Stop it! I’m fine!” she snarled at him, and he sat back on his heels in shock.

“You nearly fainted. I don’t call that fine,” he responded as he looked her over. Her sunshine-colored hair was long, and fell in wild curls down her back. Her blue eyes were the color of the sky, but if he wasn’t mistaken there was a tiny ring of green surrounding her dilated pupils.

“I just got a little lightheaded, that’s all. I’m fine. How did you know my name?” she asked with a frown.

“I’ve met everyone else in the pack. You and I are the only strangers around here right now, so the process of elimination made it pretty simple. I’m Thomas Jameson,” he said, holding his hand out to her in introduction. She hesitated, staring down at his extended hand like it was a snake about to bite. He watched in fascination as she swallowed hard, and took a deep breath before gripping his hand. Electricity shot through his arm into his brain, and he gasped at the same time as she growled.

“Oh shit,” she whispered while he just sat there staring at their joined hands in shock.

Thomas has no idea how much this little she-wolf will change his life! It’s not long before they both find themselves in a mess of trouble and face to face with an enemy werewolf, who just happens to be KJ’s mate as well! Meet Bryson Samuels…

“Are you okay, Thomas?” she said as she worked to catch her own breath.

“Fine,” he snapped, jerking his shirt back off and throwing it at her. “Would you please put something on?”

She let out a sharp laugh that rang of nerves, and began to dress. Thomas noticed that the white wolf kept his gaze locked on her nudity the whole time it was in view, and he waited until she was covered to shift back into his human form.

“Who are you?” KJ asked, staring at the naked stranger, who did nothing in the way of redressing.

Bryson Samuels“Bryson Samuels. Until a few moments ago, I was an Omega with the Kaplan Pack. I don’t think they would like it if I called myself that now, after betraying my pack Alpha to get you two out of there.” Bryson gave them both a crooked grin, and KJ frowned.

“Why did you do it?” she looked like she already knew the answer, and Thomas dreaded Bryson’s response.

“You’re my mate. I knew it the moment I caught your scent. I had to.” Bryson shrugged, and returned her frown with a steady gaze.

Thomas nearly laughed out loud, as he realized he was chatting with the mate of the woman he wanted to seduce, while the man was completely naked. He couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at Bryson’s assets, and though the man wasn’t lacking in the physical department, Thomas wasn’t at a complete disadvantage there either.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” KJ whispered the words, but it was clear by the uncomfortable tension between them, that she knew exactly what he was talking about.

“So you’re saying that KJ is your mate, and because you smelled her and realized it, you risked your life to rescue us,” Thomas said, trying to make sure he had all of the facts straight.

“Way to go, wizzo. You catch on quick, but I wasn’t rescuing you, I was rescuing her, and you just happened to luck out by being kept in the same room with her,” Bryson said with a shrug. That shrug of his was really getting on Thomas’s nerves, and he ground his teeth to keep from punching the cocky bastard.

“No. She’s mine.” The words were out of Thomas’s mouth before he could stop them. KJ groaned, and Bryson growled. Thomas fully expected her to deny his claim considering they had only kissed once, and he really had no right to be so possessive of her, but she surprised him by putting her head in her hands and talking to herself.

“Why me? Really? It’s not enough that I’ve spent my whole life on the run, hiding from some psychotic bastard that wants to fuck my mom, but now fate has to throw me a fucking curveball like this. This is just not my fucking day.”

“Watch your mouth,” Thomas snapped, and her blue eyes lifted to meet his. The anger in her gaze was expected, but what surprised him was the fear that lit their depths. “Now what the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh, so you can curse, but I can’t? Well isn’t that just like a man,” she said snottily, and Thomas was even more surprised to hear Bryson growl.

“Watch it, ice. The human is right, you shouldn’t speak like that, it doesn’t sound good coming from a woman.” Bryson’s words, seemed to trigger something in KJ and she let out a small shriek of irritation.

“You two are both dumbasses, and to think I’m stuck with the two of you. I had to have done something really bad in a previous life.” She spun on her heel and stalked away from them.

“Stop,” Thomas snapped. When she stopped with her back still facing them, he glanced at Bryson who looked just as confounded as he was. “What do you mean you’re stuck with the two of us?”

He watched her shoulders rise and fall with a sigh, and she tipped her head back so that she was looking up into the trees. “You’re both my mates.”

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