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What makes me tick? That was one of the questions on Kasey’s listing for the Meet the Author/Interview With a Character Blog Hop and I thought I’d answer it from the point of view of my writing.

I do have a bio on my About page if you want to read on, but here’s a little more. I’m sub in reality and I really enjoy reading BDSM erotica, so it was an obvious thing to write. What I love about it, apart from writing about hot, sexy dominant men of course (see below to meet Will from Coming, Ready or Not!) ;), is that I get to learn about D/s and M/s relationships, to explore things I haven’t tried and things that I have tried but want to learn more about.

I’ve written two books so far, both about Master/slave relationships with a third on the way, but I’ve never had that kind of relationship. I’ve been in a Dom/sub relationship but never Master/slave, and I’ve loved learning about that kind of lifestyle, to be able to explore it via my writing and to learn more about myself and what I want.

There are so many different things to delve into, so many ideas for books not yet written, but in Will from Coming, Ready or NotComing, Ready or Not, it’s all about tease and denial – the lack of control, the tension and frustration of having to hold back, however much Abby wants to come, simply because her Master hasn’t said she can and she doesn’t want to disobey or disappoint him…

So, the Codeword to enter the Rafflecopter to win a $50 Amazon gift card has got to be ‘tease and denial’ ;).

If you leave a comment below, you’ll also have the chance to win an ebook copy of Coming, Ready or Not :). I’ll pick a winner at random on Saturday 31st August.

Good luck!


Meet Will and Abby. An ordinary couple that you wouldn’t give a second glance at if they were walking down the street. Except they share a wonderful secret and bond as they explore their Master/slave relationship.

This is a loving couple, full of good humour, but nothing in any relationship is perfect and sometimes things go wrong. Even the strongest will in the world can’t always obey and with that comes consequences…

Three vignettes, The Edge, Bad Girl, and Breathless focus on control. Can Abby be taken to the edge of pleasure and not cross over? She wants to obey and to hold on. But can she? And what will happen to her if she can’t?

Holding on has never felt so good…

Warning: This book is adults only. It contains adult language, caning, spanking, face slapping, gags, a brief mention of anal sex and orgasm denial

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