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Weird and Wonderful Holiday Romance Anthology

18 Holiday Themed Romances Featuring Unusual and Unlikely Holidays of All Stripes

“I cannot rate this collection highly enough! For its diverse themes, its examples of love bother tender and debauched, and everything else that finally sold me on romance. I’ve entered a new love affair with literary love affairs. This collection is good for anyone in the mood to fall a little or a lot in love with some really great, relatable, and very real characters.”

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Weird and Wonderful Holiday Romance Holiday

Helmed by USAT Bestselling Author Caitlyn Lynch, eighteen authors have banded together to explore several lesser-known holidays such as Pi Day, World Naked Gardening Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day. Our authors hail from around the globe and include bestsellers and emerging writers.

Featuring sweet country romance and sex in the big city, there’s something for all romance readers, including lovers of queer romance. Polar bear plunges. Second chance and workplace romance. Sexy neighbors. Persnickety vampires. Matchmakers galore. Even a cute shifter or two. This anthology has it all!

“Great read! Weird and Wonderful Anthology introduced me to so many different authors some I had never read before. These romances stories range from sweet to sexy. There’s something for everyone in this anthology.”


Excerpt from Naked Attraction, my story in the anthology:

Finally, Juliet spoke, “Look, this is my roof garden. And I’d really like to know why you thought it was okay to come up here. How did you even get up here anyway? The other penthouse is closed up.”

Josh shook his head. “It was. It’s now mine, and that means so is the roof garden, which is why I came up here when I heard your music.”

“No. My aunt left it to me in her will. And I don’t have to justify why I might choose to be naked in my own garden.”

The look in Josh’s eyes could have scorched the grass right off the roof. She’d reminded him of the naked thing. She glanced down quickly and then gulped and looked away. Yes, he was definitely thinking about the naked thing.

She backpedaled hurriedly. “I… didn’t mean to say that. You didn’t ask me to justify it.”

“No, I didn’t. Though by all means, please do go on if you want to.”

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Coming Together: In Verse

“I SO enjoyed this collection of poetry, it was hard and soft, shocking and gentle, a perfect collection of verse to sit and enjoy with a coffee on a rainy winter day – oh and all proceeds go to charity, even better!”

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Coming Together-In Verse CoverComing Together: In Verse is a collection of erotic poetry and risqué verse edited by Ashley R Lister. Sales proceeds benefit Hope for Paws.

Erica Jong said, “Poetry is what we turn to in the most emotional moments of our lives – when a beloved friend dies, when a baby is born, when we fall in love.” Wallace Stevens said, “A poet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman.” Edgar Allan Poe said, “Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.” Most of us agree, when it comes to expressing passion, there is nothing more effective than poetry.

THE POETS: Ashley R Lister, Alessia Brio, Lisabet Sarai, Victoria Blisse, Rachel Woe, Janine Ashbless, Liv Honeywell, AJ Chilson, Roy Clements, Katy J, Ashe Barker, Lisa Bower, PJ Bayliss, Geneva Rose, Jay Willowbay, Slave Nano, Lily Harlem, Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Norbert Gora, IG Fredrick, Jade A Waters, Adrea Kore, Bella Settarra, Okami No Koga, Daniel Davis, Joanna Harrington-Cruise, Sophia Sophia, Le Petite Mortimer, Eleanor Meadows, Angell Brooks, L Hollamby, Blacksilk, CA Bell, Ian Jade, Tamsin Flowers, Ruby Red, Colin Davies, Desmond Field, Rachel McGladdery

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“This is a great collection and profits go to a good cause. There’s a huge variety in the way the writers have approached things, from the witty and whimsical to the salacious and shameless. If you’re of an open mind, give it a read, you’ll be moved by some of the works, laugh at others and will probably learn things from a few of them!”

The Journal

By Liv Honeywell and Domitri Xavier

“If you are up for an intense Master/slave read and willing to look at it from the characters point of view, without being too faint-hearted, then this is a wonderfully written example. The intensity of such a relationship is portrayed brilliantly in every chapter.”

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The Journal Cover

“Come to my study at eight o’clock sharp. Dress for dinner. Wear high heels and put on that dress – you know what I expect of you.”

When the order comes Livia is torn between anticipation and dread.

Does he know? How could he possibly know what she has done? And how can she find the words and the courage to tell him?

As eight o’clock edges ever nearer, Livia waits outside the study door, trembling; uncertain of what she will find when she comes face to face with her Master.

If he knows… If he does, there will be consequences. There is no doubt about that.

What will be the price for her moment of disobedience?


 Warning: This book is adults only. It contains adult language, caning,  face slapping and gags and is a depiction of a Master/slave relationship.

“Can I say that this is stunning and scary… What a wonderful write both of you, I do so look forward to the next book… Thank you for bringing me into this world of Master/slave…”


“Look at me.”

The words I had been half hoping for, half dreading. Would he be able to tell what I was thinking? I opened my eyes and looked up at him, letting him see how vulnerable I was before him and how much I wanted to please him. The expression on his face almost stopped my breath. There was so much love in his eyes, such emotion, and I swallowed against the lump in my throat and blinked back tears of joy mixed sickeningly with guilt. How very much I loved this man, and what I had done to him… Click here to read more from The Journal.

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Coming, Ready or Not: Three Tales of Tease and Denial

By Liv Honeywell

“Get comfortable…because you will likely read this cover to cover! Liv “gets it right” here with a passionate, colorful and salivating taste of the shades that lie well beyond grey. Quick pace, rich characters and no-holds-barred fun. Be ready…because “or not” is probably not an option!”

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Coming, Ready or Not Cover

Meet Will and Abby. An ordinary couple that you wouldn’t give a second glance at if they were walking down the street. Except they share a wonderful secret and bond as they explore their Master/slave relationship. This is a loving couple, full of good humour, but nothing in any relationship is perfect and sometimes things go wrong. Even the strongest will in the world can’t always obey and with that comes consequences… Three vignettes, The Edge, Bad Girl, and Breathless focus on control. Can Abby be taken to the edge of pleasure and not cross over? She wants to obey and to hold on. But can she? And what will happen to her if she can’t? Holding on has never felt so good…

Warning: This book is adults only. It contains adult language, caning, spanking, face slapping, gags, a brief mention of anal sex and orgasm denial. 


“To those who are familiar with Dominance and Submission Ms. Honeywell’s book will be a feast of recognition. Ms. Honeywell writes delightfully raw, straight and utterly believable from a submissive point of view.”


“You know, I love making you come; love watching you squirm and making you squeak, feeling you tense and hearing all the noises you make. You tense up just before, did you know?” I don’t care. I don’t care about anything right now but your fingers touching lightly against my clit. “Please, Master.” I try to push my hips forward, needing more, wanting your touch. “Don’t even think about it.” Click here to read more from Coming, Ready or Not

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