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Naia and the ProfessorTaugh to KneelToday I’m very happy to have the lovely and talented Natasha Knight. We have an interview which Natasha admits contains TMI on occasion ;), and blurb from not one, but two of her latest releases :).

Hi Liv. Thanks for having me. I am thrilled to be here!

You’re welcome. I’m very pleased to have you :). I’ve got all sorts of questions for you, so here’s the first one :):

How did you get started writing in general and with the erotica in particular?

You will laugh when I tell you. Seriously. Let me first say I have always been a reader and for as long as I can remember, I’ve carried a notebook around with me and just jotted down pretty quotes or meaningful snippets. I didn’t seriously start writing until (here it is) I read the Twilight series.  Go ahead. LOL. It’s ok.

I resisted reading it for a long time but when I did, I devoured all the books within 3 days (and I’m a slow reader). When I found Midnight Sun – the unfinished version of Twilight from Edward’s POV, I was so sad that it wasn’t finished (because I was a bit obsessed with Edward at that moment) that I decided I’d finish it myself. Well, I never did because when I started to, my own ideas kind of came at me.

I started to write Erotic Romance as a way to get some of my kinkier ideas out of my head. I’d never talked about any of those things with anyone – not even my husband. The word spanking would have me blushing red like anything that is close to the truth but a bit shaming does. Anyhow, I wrote my first piece – titled Shame (fitting at that moment) and it got picked up quickly. After that, I slowly came out to my husband about what I was doing behind the computer. He absorbed slowly that I was writing erotica. Then, a few months later when more and more work was being published, I told him I write BDSM. Now, well, the cat’s out of the bag and I’m having a lot of fun behind the computer and in the bedroom. TMI, sorry. I always share TMI… just let this be your warning.

Warning received loud and clear lol. What was the best piece of writing advice you received?

To be honest, I’ve always been the Lone Ranger and didn’t tell people I wrote for a long time so I didn’t get that much advice. I can tell you what I learned about myself though. When I ask other people’s opinions about what I should do, I know that I already know what I want to and will do, I’m just asking until I hear it from someone else! Now that’s unique, I know. Recognizing that has helped me cut out the middle-man so to speak.

What do you think makes good erotica?

This is easy. A good plot and lots of good sex/spanking scenes to carry that plot through.

Sounds good to me :). What advice would you give to anyone who wants to write about BDSM?

Only write it if it’s something you truly are drawn to. Don’t write it because you think it will sell well. If you tend to be drawn to the non-kinky side, then write that. There’s nothing wrong or right about either.

Where do you get your ideas and your characters from?

Everywhere. Vacations, certain men I see that I automatically put in a dominant role (with me as the sub of course :)), a poem, anything, really anything.

Following on from that, where did you get the ideas for Naia and the Professor and Taught to Kneel from?

I feel like Liam’s always resided in my head. Naia is me – sort of (not the bratty part of course). I love the teacher/student fantasy, I love (TMI) being bent over a desk and…well, it just kind of came together. You should know though that there are about four versions to this story sitting on my laptop so it wasn’t as easy as I just made it sound :).

How I came up with the idea for Taught to Kneel – this is funny. I saw Julian at the B&B we went to this past summer. This man was just something else. He drew me (I’m married and although I wouldn’t ever act on something like this, I’m not blind :)). He had black black eyes and he was French – that accent has always been my favorite. As far as the punishment idea, I don’t know what that is but it definitely seems to be the theme of the past few months for me. Hmmm…

Who would play Naia and Liam in the film of the book, and who would play Julian and Gabrielle in Taught to Kneel?

For Naia, Me? 🙂 Mila Kunis. I love her. Or Natalie Portman. Josh Holloway is Liam. Josh is HOT!!!

For Gabrielle, it’s easy. Catherine Zeta-Jones. She’s a little older than Gabrielle but I find her so beautiful and elegant. I’m thinking about Julian and for some reason, I’m stuck on Hugh Jackman.

And there is absolutely *nothing* wrong with being stuck on Hugh Jackman… Er, anyway… where was I? Do you have a writing routine? Do you need absolute quiet to write or background music/noise?

I write best in the mornings after I take the kids to school and need absolute silence. No music, nothing.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and if so, how do you get over it?

Yes, of course. Every writer does at some point I think. Letting the work be and going out into nature is a huge help. Not beating myself up over a day of not writing is crucial.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Pantser. Definitely. I do like to have some idea of the general direction I’ll take in the next chapters but that’s it.

Do you have any advice for new writers?

Get off Facebook and write!

Yes Ma’am! (Just finish reading this interview first ;)). Out of all your books, which one is your favourite hero and why?

Oh gosh. This is very hard. They’re all unique and I love them all. Liam of course I adore. Julian is so strong and unafraid to do what he must do. Luke – in an upcoming book – comes from a very dark past. Oh, I can’t choose. I love them all. I’d feel like I was betraying them if I chose. Sorry!

I don’t think I could pick either :). Final question, what’s next for you?

Well, I’ve just had two releases – Naia and the Professor and Taught to Kneel which is a total rework of Liaison so it’s been a crazy month. As for new work, look out for more from the Templar Brothers…

Thanks so much, Natasha, for visiting today and answering all my questions :).

But we’re not done yet! See below for the blurb for both Naia and the Professor and Taught to Kneel :):

Naia and the Professor:

Ten years ago, Liam Templar lost everything when Naia White, his student, accused him of spanking her. Because of her, he was forced to give up his teaching license and lost a job he loved, not to mention his reputation. Naia never meant for things to go as far as they had, but in the end, she was the reason Professor Templar’s career was ruined. Now she’s back and wants to make amends.

Liam can forgive her, but only after he’s delivered that spanking. Anxious but intrigued, Naia agrees to take her punishment. However, once it’s over, both Liam and Naia must face the fact that although they have feelings for one another, they come from two different worlds.

Although Liam’s had his heart broken before by women outside of his lifestyle, his feelings for Naia overrule logic. He proposes she spend a weekend with him where she’ll come to know his needs and desires. He realizes he must be firm with the once impulsive girl who grew into his ideal woman, but will she run after she spends time in his world?

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Taught to Kneel:

Throughout her life Gabrielle has wanted a strong man to take her in hand, and two years ago her growing need for something her husband could not provide led her to make a terrible mistake which ended her marriage.

After his wife cheated on him years ago, Julian learned all about the pain caused by infidelity. When he sees that same crushing guilt in the eyes of a beautiful woman at the B&B where he is spending a quiet vacation, he is compelled to help her.

Gabrielle is drawn to Julian from the moment she first sees him. His easy, direct manner forces her to face her guilt and when he suggests that she take the punishment she’s needed for so long, she can’t help but say yes. It soon becomes clear to them both, however, that it will take more than just a bare-bottom spanking to allow Gabrielle to finally let go of her guilt—she will have to be very thoroughly chastised.

But to fully satiate her need, she longs to experience more than just punishment from Julian—she needs to be completely dominated by him, to be made to kneel and ask him to take her in any way he pleases, and to blush bright red with embarrassment even as she begs for more. But is it all just a fling, or will what began as a chance meeting change both their lives forever?

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Natasha’s Bio:

I’m a (homesick) American living in the Netherlands with my Dutch husband and children. I write casual BDSM Erotic Romance, heavy on the spanking. I love exploring the world and mind of the Dominant male and the submissive female, discovering just beneath the surface of each story the key element, which is, of course, love.

I love to create characters on paper who are as human as myself: powerful and vulnerable, flawed, perhaps damaged but with an incredible capacity to love.I enjoy writing explicit scenes that allow me to push my characters to their edge and keep them there while offering the audience a very hot read.

When I started writing, I decided that I wouldn’t censor myself and so far, I’ve kept that promise.I find myself revising my bio often as the  process of writing takes me on a personal journey of self-discovery.

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