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Taming Naia CoverHi Liv, thanks so much for having me here today! Last week, I released Taming Naia – or actually re-released it. It was originally published as Naia and the Professor but placed with a publisher who did not specialize in spanking romance or BDSM. When I got the rights back, I revised and republished and am thrilled with the results.

Today I’d like to share a scene from the book where Liam has taken Naia to his Miami home for a weekend together. But Naia doesn’t quite understand that when Liam gives her a rule to follow, he expects her to do just that and exactly that. Last night, he promised to look up the word ‘permission’ with her as she still struggles with the idea. It turned into a fun scene that became quite heated…

* * *

Dressed only in a pair of panties and another tank top, she went to the living room. “Can I please have some clothes?” she asked when she found him sitting on the sofa reading the paper.

He looked up at her. “No. And you can take off the ones you’re wearing,” he said, folding the paper on the seat next to him. Her eyes settled on the items next to the newspaper: a dictionary, a tube of lubricant, and the butt plug.

“What’s that for?”



“Professor or sir, your choice. But those are your only options. I told you I’d like you naked while you’re here and inside the house. Strip.”
Her eyes darted from his to the items then back again and she reached for the hem of her tank top. Once she’d stripped, she stood barefoot in front of him and waited.


She slid onto her knees wondering if her body was pre-programmed to react like it did to his commands.

He picked up the dictionary. “Permission, let’s see. Ah, here it is, the simplest definition: to give consent. Did I give my consent for you to have not one but two orgasms last night, Naia?”

“No, professor,” she answered, bowing her head just a little. He picked up the plug.

“Yes, Naia?”

Her eyes were glued to the two-inch phallus. “What are you going to do?”

“Ever curious. I myself love surprises, don’t you?”


“No, what?”

She met his stern gaze. “No, sir.”

“What I’m going to do now is for your own good. I told you I’d like to fuck your ass. It will go easier for you if I stretch you a little first.”

Her mouth fell open and alarm widened her eyes. “Stretch me?”

“Turn around and put your hands on the floor.”



Naia knows that Liam Roark has every right to be angry with her for sabotaging his career ten years ago with the accusation that he spanked her. When she seeks him out to ask his forgiveness, though, he will only give it on one condition: she’ll have to accept the bare-bottom spanking she once falsely claimed to have been given.

Although hesitant, Naia agrees, but after a painful and humiliating punishment which leaves her tearful and blushing, Liam sends her on her way. Despite her protests he is determined not to see her again… for his sake and for hers. He knows full well how strongly he yearns to dominate and have his way with her, and he fears she is far from ready to see that side of him. But Liam isn’t the only one who has to come to terms with the past, and when Naia persists, he finds himself unable to resist the twenty-eight year old beauty any longer.

Deciding to give her a taste of the life he lives, Liam brings her with him to his vacation home in Miami. He will demand her absolute obedience, thoroughly punish any defiance, and take her in any way he pleases, leaving her begging on her knees for more. But will the passion they ignite continue to burn hot once they return home?

Publisher’s Note: Taming Naia is a stand-alone prequel to Taming Emma and Taming Megan. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Also note that this book was published previously under the title Naia and the Professor.

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