Seasonal Shenanigans anthology cover. Christmas is Coming

Release day for Seasonal Shenanigans!

3D copy of Seasonal Shenanigans book coverIt’s finally release day for Seasonal Shenanigans, the holiday anthology that features my story, Christmas is Coming!

How am I feeling? Excited and really happy! It’s been a while since I published a new story, and I really love this one. Will and Abby are two of my favourite characters, and I love to write to find out what trouble Abby’s got into lately and how Will is dealing with it.

What I like about these two is that it’s a genuine D/s relationship, based on a whole lot of love, friendship and mutual respect, and approached with the idea that while there are serious moments in a D/s relationship, it really should be a lot of fun, too! :).

I’m working on a series of books for these two, taking their story from how they got together through a couple of years of their relationship, showing how it develops and changes for them.

I want to show that in a real D/s relationship, not everything is perfect and life can get in the way. It can’t all be creaking leather trousers at dawn and begging subs that are submissive every second of every day.

And you don’t always start off instantly doing heavy and intense scenes. Trust has to develop on both sides, you have to discuss limits, and deal with any issues, such as a lack of confidence from someone cheating on you or laughing at what you want. Both sides have to be able to open up and share what they want and need to make this work, and that can be hard for some. Not only that but Doms are human, and sometimes they make mistakes, too.

And sometimes things don’t go as they were meant to at all, even in the best planned scenes, and what was a serious scene can turn into the most hilarious laugh fest instead :). Like when I was in a club with my Dom at the time, and he was setting something up for electrical play and managed to zap his own teeth! I didn’t laugh. Well, I tried :D.

Or the time when I was spacing so much from play that I felt like my head was floating away from my body. I patted the top of my head, nodded very seriously and announced. “Ohhhhh. The top of my head hasn’t fallen off. So my brain hasn’t fallen out. Which is good!” It took us both several hours to stop laughing at that one, and it still makes me smile now. Of course we couldn’t carry on with the scene, as he was laughing too much to hit straight :).

Seasonal Shenanigans graphic with Christmas decorations

I could go on, and I may well do that in another blog :). But instead, I’m going to share a little bit more from Christmas is Coming. In this excerpt, Abby has made rather a mess in the garage, and Will has just gone out there to get something from his toolbox:

Christmas is Coming excerpt:

As he closed the front door behind him, she called after him, “But I’m putting dinner in the oven.”
Too late. He’d gone.
Abby stood frozen in the middle of the room for a moment and then collapsed onto the sofa.
Maybe I should run away, she thought. This is bad. This is very bad. I could get a ticket to Rio. I could do that. Go on the run, become a hunted woman, a fugitive… And then Tommy Lee Jones would run after me and hunt me down everywhere I went. She grinned. Actually, I don’t think I’d make him run very fast.
The front door opened and shut again, and Abby gulped.
Come on, think. I’ve got about forty-five pounds in my bank account and maybe a hundred air miles. That should get me as far as… Skegness? Fat lot of good that would do me. I’d still be stuck in the UK.
Will’s footsteps sounded in the hall and Abby tensed, waiting for the inevitable.
He carried in the second box of decorations, then took some sort of technical gizmo out of his pocket and smiled at her.
She looked at him warily. He was smiling. Was this an evil ‘I’m going to get you but good’ smile or a normal, happy Will smile?
“Look at this,” he said, still smiling.
Abby looked. Yes, still a techy sprockety whozit.
“I can’t believe I’ve found another one of these,” he said. “I must have missed it when I tidied the garage the other day. I thought I only had one and now I’ve got enough to finish fixing my bike.”
Oh no, you haven’t, Abby thought. “Yes, you have. That’s fantastic,” she said ever so brightly.
“Isn’t it?” Will stretched and pulling back his shoulders. “You know, I suddenly feel a lot more awake. I’m going to nip back to the garage because I forgot about the tacks and tools when I found this.” He put the bike part back in his pocket. “And I’ll get the hooks for the Christmas cards. Then I’ll help you put everything up.”
“But…” Abby tried again, to his exiting back.
His footsteps went down the hall and out the front door.
Oh great. He felt more awake now. Just what she needed for when he realised what she’d done.
Okay, a few steps to the garage, a few seconds for him to open the door. Even Will would need the step stool to reach that high shelf at the back, so another minute or so to pick the step stool up, open it up against the shelf and then climb it. Add on a little longer for him to pick up the toolbox, climb back down the step stool, put the box on the bench and open it.
Right on cue.


Oh dear. Whatever will he do to her? :). Want to find out how he manages a punishment that’s both Christmassy and toolbox-themed? Click here to get your copy of Seasonal Shenanigans for only 0.99c, and enjoy 13 other hot holiday stories, too!

So I’ve shared, and now it’s your turn. Tell me about a time when one of your scenes went awry and you both ended up laughing :).

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