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Lords and Ladies Cover…No, not both at the same time :).

Something a little different today. Korey Mae Johnson and Renee Rose are the soul sisters of spanking fiction. The two joined up this month to publish the two-pack Lords and Ladies: Two Medieval Spanking Novellas featuring Under Siege by Renee and Quite Decided by Korey, and today, they decided to argue– er, interview– each other about their stories.

You keep reading, I’ll be refereeing! :).


Q (Renee Rose):  Both our stories involve strong-willed heroines. I think it’s possible that Lady Camilla could kick Wenda’s ass (if the contest involved shooting arrows and not sneaky manipulation).  But if she did, we know that Wenda certainly wouldn’t cry because she’s one tough cookie.  Who do you think is scrappier – my heroine (Lady Camilla) or yours (Wenda), and why?

A (Korey Mae Johnson) Oh, Wenda’s scrappier. I mean, if you use the word ‘scrappy’. Wenda’s not going to let little things like ‘fair fight’ or ‘honor’ stand in the way of her goals. Now, issuing orders and defending a keep? Camilla’s your girl. Kicking you in the nuts when you’re not lookin’?  Wenda all the way.

Q (Korey Mae Johnson):   You did a great job in Under Siege making that love-you-hate-you magnetic attraction between your characters. Not to mention in every book you have this great way with dialogue that can actually make me laugh out loud. But what do YOU like most about writing, particularly about romance? And are you like me where you have sections of a story that you get paranoid about how your audience will receive it?

A (Renee Rose):  Is it too obvious to say I like the spanking best?  I mean, I truly believe that every romance needs to have some spanking in it.  Yes, I do get paranoid about how my audience will receive certain parts, although it’s usually not the parts  I was worried about that get under people’s skin.  I’m trying to let go of my own shame around the kinky things that turn me on and accept that if I think it’s hot, chances are really good that someone else will, too.

Q (Renee Rose)  So, Korey, I remember you saying that your character’s name was “Christmas Elf bad.”  Did you mean Talus?  How did you pick the names for Quite Decided?  (and what the heck does Christmas Elf bad mean? LOL).

A (Korey Mae Johnson):  Not just name, my friend. NAMES. As in plural. The main characters names were, I shit you not, originally Tippy and Taurus (there’s nothing more Christmas-Elf sounding than Tippy except maybe Winky or Zinky or Jippy… Maybe Snap, Crackle, and Pop). Now, as a rule, I try not to name my characters something that someone might name their cat (I don’t even name my cats names that bad. I named my cats Henry and Harvey, because they have to show their faces in public, after all).

With Wenda, I actually made the trek all the way to the other side of the office—had to have been four feet or so, but I made it—and opened this book of German Baby Names up and looked at the “W” section since, I really wanted one, for no particular reason, to start with a W. Talus was a strong-man character from Edmund Spencer’s The Fearie Queen.  I think I came across it while flipping through pages rather than reading it like I probably should have.  Nicklaus got his name because I spit out the first Germanic name I knew. My husband hates that name—says it was reserved for Santa Claus. But, what can you do?

Q (Korey Mae Johnson): This isn’t your first medieval book–After Betrothed and Knight’s Prisoner, this one’s your third. You started out with Renaissance (Loving Lucia and Courting Celia), then you shot forward into vampire fiction, took a stop in contemporary with the “Elusive O” and even did some Regency with Pleasing the Colonel. What’s your favorite genre to write so far, would you say, and why? And what’s your next stop?

A (Renee Rose):  Historical is my favorite genre and medieval is my favorite time period within that genre.  The reason is pretty simple – to me, there’s no time period more romantic. After all, it’s the setting of most of the fairy tales we grew up on with knights in shining armor and damsels in distress.  What’s more, it’s so perfectly suited for spanking fiction– it was a time period when a woman was expected to call her husband “her lord” and kneel at his feet to remove his boots, etc.  You can’t get much more D/s than that!

Q (Renee Rose)  I admit to feeling a bit daunted about co-authoring for the first time.  When I heard your story was spicy, I started worrying if mine needed to be hotter. Ultimately, I think our stories ended up being very compatible.  Did you find there were any special considerations knowing this would be part of a two-pack?

A (Korey Mae Johnson): I meant the story to be way naughtier than it was. I was going to put in anal play, BDSM stuff, you name it. But I don’t run the show, Talus did. Talus was the character this time that was calling the cues. He had to be all chivalrous and junk, God damn it.  But I’d say that it did work out for the reasons you talk about—it came out pretty even! The stories work pretty well together.

I think the length was the greatest concern because novellas aren’t my best length; getting a full story into about 20 thousand words can be a bear. Not only that, but I was writing with YOU so I didn’t want to produce garbage and drag you down, so I had that on my mind, making me paranoid, the entire way. I think it worked out pretty good though!

Q (Korey Mae Johnson):   So, your hero Sir Balen strikes me as the gritty-rogue type–you know, tasty, broody, stubborn, kick ass… What do you find most attractive about this hero and how would you say he differs from your other heroes in past books?

A (Renee Rose):  Sir Balen has a take-charge personality and he comes from a genuine desire to serve and protect, but his etiquette and communication skills lack refinement  which causes many of his misunderstandings with Lady Camilla.  Despite his flaws, he is extremely capable as a leader, which is the turn-on for me. I think he’s the least adept of all my heroes at reading and understanding his heroine.



Lords and Ladies is composed of two novellas filled with medieval adventure, sweet romance, bold men, feisty women, hot sex, and firm spankings.

Under Siege by Renee Rose

For Lady Camilla, the only thing worse than managing Falconworth castle on her own would be her overlord discovering that she is a widow and marrying her off to his wretched nephew. Keeping her husband’s death a secret is a top priority, right up there with ensuring that troops from a rival castle don’t break down her curtain wall gate with their battering ram.

Yet when a devilishly handsome knight by the name of Sir Balen rides to her rescue, she is reluctant to turn over the control she has become accustomed to wielding. The attraction between them is palpable, but his arrogant assumption of the position and duties of her late husband irritates her, especially because those duties seem to include spanking her bare bottom!

Can she swallow her pride and propose the marriage which she knows would be best for all involved, or will her stubbornness cost her and the people of Falconworth dearly?

Quite Decided by Korey Mae Johnson

When eighteen-year-old Wenda discovers that she is to be married off to a nobleman easily old enough to be her grandfather, she concocts a desperate plan to avoid that fate. Lord Talus, who was like an older brother to her growing up, will marry her instead—she is quite decided on it.

The only problem with this plan is the fact that Talus refuses it outright. Wenda has grown into a beautiful woman, but he has known her since she was a child and he cannot bring himself to expose her to the dark, hungry, sexual side of him which she would see as his wife.

Talus underestimates the lengths to which Wenda will go to carry out her plan, however, and he finds a marriage with her forced upon him by false allegations that he has stolen her maidenhood in the night. For her part Wenda soon learns, to her dismay, that her new husband is well within his rights to bare his young wife’s bottom and chastise her firmly for her scheming. Moreover, he intends to thoroughly enjoy every curve of her beautiful body once he feels the time is right to have his way with his new bride.

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About the Authors

Korey Mae Johnson has written four full-length novels, four novellas (two of which were included in two-book collections with other authors), and two short stories (which were included in anthologies). She co-owns Stormy Night Publications ( with her husband, James, and has been publishing spanking eBooks for six years. She’s been writing spanking stories since she could hold a pen and she and James practice DD in their relationship. She currently resides in Albuquerque, NM.

Renee Rose, best-selling erotic romance author, did not come out of the closet as a spanko until she published her spanking romance Betrothed. A lifelong writer, she has a B.A. in creative writing from Knox College, where she won the Davenport prize for both fiction and poetry, and the Lorraine Smith prize for literary criticism.  She spent thirteen years in technical writing before she found a way to incorporate her deepest darkest spanking fantasies into fiction and express a part of her that longed to see the light. She is now passionate about supporting others in accepting and exploring their kink, whatever that may be. Please stop by her blog at and join the conversation!

Well I don’t know about you, but I just had to get this book. Sounds just like my kind of thing :).  Thank you Renee and Korey for visiting today 🙂

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