Sara Brookes’ Edge of Need

Edge of Need coverI love series! I want to love them and hug them and call them….er, where was I? Series, right. My bookshelves are bursting at the seams with series books. That is probably the reason why I love writing series.

I love bringing secondary characters to life, giving them a story of their own. I love revisiting past characters, showing readers familiar with the series a glimpse at what has become of earlier characters and giving new readers a peek at other storylines being woven through the words. In some cases, old character show up to give new characters the swift kick in the rump they need.


Edge of Need Excerpt:

“Nice job out there.”

Adam pulled away the towel he was using to dry his hair to find Dalton leaning against the door to the dressing area. Dalton’s shirt, jeans and boots were all black, a sign he wasn’t just here for a social call. Or maybe he was. Adam had stopped trying to guess years ago.

“Thanks. It would have been easier if…nevermind, it’s never easy, is it? Thought you’d pretty much given up the club life.”

“Erin wanted me to come.”

Adam tossed the damp towel into the basket, turning to fish out the spare pair of jeans he kept in his locker. “Troubles at home?”

Dalton crossed his arms, his mouth flattening into a straight line. “Why exactly are you giving me the third degree about why I’m here?”

Adam hesitated, but ultimately he knew Dalton was right. He was interrogating him. More than likely just to keep the topic of conversation off what was bothering him the most. Guilt settled in his gut. “Just have a lot of things on my mind right now.”

“Like Sutton?”

Adam frown, dropping a damp towel someone had left on the floor into the bin. “I see you’ve been talking to Diane.”

“Nope. Didn’t have to. I saw it at the carnival when you introduced her. And you’d have to be blind to not see it out there a few minutes ago. Knight in shining leathers. How sweet.”


Sidelined by a devastating injury, Sutton searches for someone who will command her, pleasure her and push her to the limits of her darkest desires. Within seconds of meeting a Dungeon Monitor, she is captivated by the rough edge of dominance he possesses.

Adam lives and breathes the lifestyle, unleashing his wilder side to deliver extreme and uncompromising demonstrations. But when he finds himself without a submissive, Sutton offers herself. One night under Adam’s sensual command and Sutton knows she’s found her perfect Master.

Their scenes are white-hot and they discover a fervent need that is not easily sated. Soon they are fighting a love they never expected, surrendering emotionally to fill the aching void in both their hearts. When Sutton is free to return to the dance stage she calls home, Adam knows he’ll have to convince her to accept life as his cherished submissive, collared and kept forever.

Warning: Sparks fly when two exhibitionists collide on stage. These two showoffs let their imaginations fly when it comes to delayed orgasms, spankings, inflatable toys, straight razors and one unbelievable collaring scene under the spotlight. Break out those opera glasses, you’re gonna want to get up close and personal.

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