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Katie Salidas and Willsin Rowe Interview

I’m delighted to have both Willsin Rowe and Katie Salidas here today with a fascinating interview on their writing partnership  :). Welcome to you both. Grab a comfy chair and we’ll get started with the questions 🙂 :     How did you get started writing, both individually and together? Willsin: Well I’d been noodling […]

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Sara Brookes Visits With Her Master’s Collar

Today, I have a guest post from Sara Brookes with not only a seriously hot excerpt from her latest erotic romance, Her Master’s Collar, but also a Rafflecopter contest to win a swag pack. Read on to enter :): I get asked a lot about where I came up with the idea for stories. To […]

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Kacey Hammell Interview

 Kacey Hammell has been on tour this week with her latest book, Sweetest Salvation, and I’m delighted to welcome her today for her final stop on the tour with an absolutely lovely interview :). Kacey, welcome and thanks so much for visiting :).    How did you get started writing? I was a reviewer online […]

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Paloma Beck visits with Hold My Hand

It’s Friday and time for another author interview, this time with the lovely Paloma Beck. We’re talking about her latest book, Hold My Hand, with all the details and a meltingly tender excerpt :). Welcome, Paloma :). How did you get started writing? I began writing seriously in high school. I took a creative writing […]

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Battle of the Sexy?

Last week I interviewed the first male erotica writer to visit my blog, Andrew Harding. I’d been reading an article by Travis Luedke about discrimination against male writers of erotica and I asked Andrew if he’d ever come across anything like that (you can read the interview here if you missed it). Now this got […]

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Kharisma Rhayne visits with Bound by Seduction!

I’m delighted today to be part of Kharisma Rhayne’s Bound by Seduction blog hop :). Kharisma will be telling you all about the second anthology and there’s a great rafflecopter giveaway for an ebook copy of Bound by Seduction! Don’t forget to enter below :). Without further ado, I’m going to hand you over to […]

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Erotica Writer, Andrew Harding Visits!

I’m delighted to welcome Andrew Harding today, who is the first male erotica writer to visit my blog :). We’ve got a very interesting interview and blurb and an excerpt from Andrew’s 4th book in the Hybrid Series, Wet Daddy. Welcome, Andrew, and onto the questions!    How did you get started writing in general and […]

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Naia and the Professor

Natasha Knight Interview!

Today I’m very happy to have the lovely and talented Natasha Knight. We have an interview which Natasha admits contains TMI on occasion ;), and blurb from not one, but two of her latest releases :). Hi Liv. Thanks for having me. I am thrilled to be here! You’re welcome. I’m very pleased to have […]

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Interview with BDSM Erotica Author, Shandra Miller!

I’m delighted to welcome Shandra Miller today with an interview and the blurb from her latest book, Lethal Obsession. Welcome Shandra! 🙂 On to the first question – How did you get started writing in general and with erotica in particular? I enjoyed reading a great deal as a kid. Without getting into details, I […]

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Kinky Wife

Justine Elyot’s Confessions of a Kinky Wife

 I’m delighted to welcome back Justine Elyot with a fantastic excerpt from her latest book, Confessions of a Kinky Wife. If you missed our interview earlier in the year, you can also find that here :). Hello, there. It’s great to be here at Liv’s blog again – thank you, Liv, for helping me out […]

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