Viola’s Heart Strings by Jaye Peaches

Viola's Heart Strings CoverThank you, Liv, for hosting me today.  I’m sharing from my latest book, Viola’s Heart Strings, a historical erotic romance set in late Victorian England. The story however begins in Monaco and the marriage of Sir Anton to an innocent young woman. The wedding night is a nervous time for a virgin and she knows very little about what to expect…

Left alone, Viola sat on the edge of the bed trying to wrap the see-through gown across her body. It was a futile attempt at modesty and she let it slip about her thighs, stroking her skin. What next? How would he treat her? What kind of man had she married? She pressed a hand to her chest and her heartbeats knocked on her breastbone.

The door creaked, swinging open to reveal Anton. For a moment, he hovered in the doorway, his head cocked to one side. In his hand, he held a glass of port, the rich red colour swirling as he raised it to his lips. He tossed the glass back, swallowing the dregs in one mouthful. Strolling into the room, he shut the door with a kick of his heel, then placed the empty glass on the table by the window. Viola rose to greet him, hovering by the bed, while he removed his jacket, necktie and vest.

He enveloped her cheeks in his two broad palms and repeated the kiss he had given her on the day he proposed. It elicited the same response—erect nipples, rapid breathing and those inner muscles, the ones she had never knew existed, tightened. A cool draught, from an open window, coiled between her legs, creating a novel sensation of fragility in her sex.

He bound her to his chest, squeezing her upper arms with a pincer grip. She whimpered at the pressure of his lips. As he bore down, she sought to snatch a breath, and she tilted her head back, but he followed, bending over her. Her lips throbbed with the force, and she parted them, allowing him to penetrate with his tongue. “Oh,” she murmured, at the delicious exploration of his wet tongue and the taste of port bombarded her buds.

“You are exquisite,” he murmured, releasing her mouth.

“Sir? …. I mean, Anton.”

Anton smiled. “I quite like the formal address, it seems to me to be appropriate in the bedchamber.” He stepped back, sliding his hands down her arms and capturing hers in his. “In the bedroom, I am always your master.” Lowering his eyes, he inspected her. It was the first time he had seen her naked. She wanted to cover her breasts, hide the stiff nipples, the blush tone of her neck. The gown offered nothing to protect her.


After a whirlwind courtship in Monaco, innocent Viola falls in love and marries enigmatic Sir Anton Valise. Following their honeymoon in France, she begins a new life at his estate in Dorset, England. Anton’s need for passionate, dominant love-making is haunted by memories of his first wife, Margot, and he fears his new wife will falter in her love for him if she does not remain obedient. To keep her loyal, the baronet introduces rules to aid Viola’s submission but suppresses his desire to spank her when she errs.

With nobody to befriend or trust, the lonely Viola overhears the hushed conversations of the servants discussing the beautiful Margot, whom died in mysterious circumstances, and she discovers secret rooms in the house, which unearth a side of Anton she had not imagined.

Viola fears Anton will never cease loving Margot and she is determined to keep him happy. Whenever Anton dominates her in the bedroom, she fantasizes about his wish to spank her, and it rouses her craving to submit to increasingly erotic sex until eventually, she commits an error of judgment and Anton is forced to impose his discipline upon her.

With tension between the couple rising, Anton and Viola’s relationship reaches a crisis point leading to Viola discovering a past filled with lies and pretences, above and below stairs.

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