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WIPitup Wednesday – Seasonal Shenanigans

Wipitup Wednesday logo - Seasonal Shenanigans anthology excerptToday, I’m joining in with WipItUp Wednesday :).

I’ve got another excerpt from Christmas is Coming, my story in the Seasonal Shenanigans anthology, and I’m showing off the lovely print cover wrap which looks amazing! With 14 hot, erotic stories in the holiday anthology, with everything from Regency romance to contemporary, and even some scifi, you won’t need to light a fire this winter, because these stories will definitely bring the heat.

Seasonal Shenanigans is available on preorder now at only 0.99c. Click here to grab your copy.

Blurb for Christmas is Coming:

It’s almost Christmas, and Abby decides to decorate the tree, despite Will, her Dom, telling her to wait. But when she drops his toolbox and all the parts scatter like confetti, she’s left wondering if she’ll be able to sit down by *next* Christmas.

What will happen when Will gets home?


Seasonal Shenanigans print wrap“Very cute.” Will stroked a finger across Abby’s bottom lip and then took the bear from her and put it down on his desk. “We’ve established what’s in the box, so…” he grabbed her wrists and held them firmly behind her back with one hand, “…now to find out what exactly you’re after with all this ‘great and wise’ flannel. Are you going to tell me, or do I have to persuade you?”
He tweaked her left nipple sharply and Abby gasped, squirming on his lap. “Okay, okay. I give.”
Will mock-frowned. “That was easy. I’m actually quite disappointed about that.”
He tweaked her right nipple.
Abby jumped. “Oh! What was that for? I said I’d tell you.”
“Well, I wouldn’t want that one to feel left out.” Will grinned. “And also, because I can. Come on, spill. What gives?”
Abby bounced up and down on his lap. “I’m just so excited. It’s our first Christmas living together, and I’m really looking forward to it.”
“It is, and so am I. You’ll have to somehow manage to contain yourself though, and wait to see what Santa brings you on Christmas morning.”
Abby wriggled again, getting comfortable. She put her arm around his neck, running her fingers through his short dark blond hair. “Oh, that’s not it. Well, it is. You’ve been winding me up for days, and I’m dying to know what you’re planning. But it’s Christmas Eve morning and we still haven’t managed to put the decorations up.”
“I know. Sorry. I’ve been so busy with work, trying to get everything done before the holidays so we can have a proper break.” Will glanced at the long list on his notepad of things still to be done and rubbed his eyes, stifling a yawn.
“Oh, I’m not blaming you. You’ve been working all hours, and I’ve been getting everything ready for my exhibition at the art gallery too. There just aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment, are there?”
Will shifted Abby on his lap, conscious that she was having the usual effect on him; his cock was standing to attention like a soldier on parade. He cleared his throat. “I was thinking we could do it all tonight, once I get home. Have a nice dinner and then get the tree and everything out and decorate the lounge.”
“We-ell, I was thinking I could do them this afternoon? I’ve got to do some shopping this morning, and then pop into the gallery for a couple of hours, but then I’m finished until after Christmas.” Abby leaned in close and undid a button on his shirt, sliding her hand inside to touch his skin. “Then you wouldn’t have to bother tonight, and I thought maybe we could play.”
Will grabbed Abby’s hand to stop her as she explored further, and his cock strained against his trousers. “Oh, I see. That’s what you were thinking, is it? You’ve got it all planned out.”
“Well, no, I was just –”
“It’s a nice idea, Abby, and as for playing, I think we might manage that too.” Will slid a hand into Abby’s long dark hair, making a fist and pulling her head back hard. He listened to her breathing change and her soft moans, and smiled. “You can probably tell I’m totally fine with that idea. I’d bend you over the desk right now and fuck you so hard, if I didn’t have to get going.”
He kissed slowly down her neck, keeping her firmly held in place by her hair, before reluctantly releasing her. “But I don’t want you going into the garage and getting the decorations down. That big shelf is too high. Even with the step stool you’ll struggle to reach everything, and I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself.”
“Oh.” Abby looked down, disappointed.
“Was that an ‘Oh, I see’ or were you getting carried away there and not listening to me? Look at me.” Will grabbed Abby’s chin and turned her to face him. “If you break something and you’re in plaster, I won’t be able to do all those wonderfully mean and painful things that you love, and neither of us want that. Not happening, sorry. We’ll sort everything out when I get home. Got it?”
Abby nodded.
“Good.” Will closed his laptop and put his glasses back on. “Speaking of getting home, I need to actually go before I can come back. And if you keep doing all that squirming on my lap, I’m going to be very late indeed meeting my client this morning, and you’ll have a very red bottom. Come on. Move that extremely spankable butt of yours.”
Abby slid off his lap, and he lightly swatted her as she leaned over to pick up her bear from his desk.
“Oh, and before I forget, gorgeous. I’ve got you all in a state now, haven’t I?”
Abby blushed. “Yes, you have… again.”
Will grinned. “Good. Now, I’ve got to go, but I’ll be back later and the things I will do to you then…” He stood and grabbed her hair, pulling her back against his chest, then growled close to her ear. “Think about that all day. Use that imagination of yours and think about everything I could do to you, and what I might make you do. I want you squirming and begging, and ready for me when I come home. And no touching yourself. Not until I get back.”


“He’s so hot!! Yes please. Lol. Great tension building. Love it! Congrats Liv. A really lovely story, nice characters, fantastic build up and imagery and plenty of love.” – Suzi Frewin

“Gorgeous! and so nice to have a legit Dom/sub relationship. I love it.” – Keira Fox

Want to read on? Seasonal Shenanigans is out on 7th December and you can preorder your copy here for only 0.99c :).

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